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Tell stories.
Inspire teams.
Build better products.

Transcribe, highlight, and share the most inspiring moments from customer calls.

Storytelling re-imagined

Useful is the fastest way to tell stories through the voice of the customer.

Automatically aggregate notes, transcripts, and recordings from calls with customers.

Create and share insights from transcribed calls in seconds.

Sync insights and recordings to the tools you already use. Instantly.

Built for you, and your team.

Automatically keep records of your teams' interactions with customers and make customer insights searchable in a shared team database.

Centralize customer contacts

Search across customers, notes, transcripts, and more

Share the voice of the customer across the org

What separates good product teams from great ones?

Build products your customers need

We're designing Useful with the best product teams in the world to create a new home for your team's interactions with customers.

Coming soon - Summer 2022